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  • A: Favorite Game of all time?
  • B: Favorite Series of all time?
  • C: Least Favorite Game of all time?
  • D: Favorite Soundtrack?
  • E: Favorite Sequel?
  • F: Biggest Let down?
  • G: What're you currently playing?
  • H: Favorite local multiplayer game?
  • I: Favorite Online multiplayer game?
  • J: Favorite system?
  • K: Game you're most looking forward to?
  • L: Favorite Licensed title?
  • M: Favorite Game of last year?
  • N: Favorite protagonist?
  • O: Favorite antagonist?
  • P: Favorite Genre?
  • Q: Any Guilty Pleasure Games?
  • R: Most underrated game?
  • S: Most overrated game?
  • T: Best game memory?
  • U: Favorite Handheld title?
  • V: First game you remember playing?
  • W: Any games you regret getting rid of?
  • X: What you'd like to change about your favorite franchise?
  • Y: What game would you want your child to play first?
  • Z: Game character you most associate with?
Ser skater, no es ser vago. Ser hip-hopero no es ser ladron. No ser femenina no es ser lesbiana. NO ser masculino no es ser gay. No reir no es ser depresivo. Reír no quiere decir que eres feliz. No llorar no quiere decir que no tengas sentimiento. Ser gorda no quiere decir que no eres hermosa. Ser delgada no te hace ser hermosa. No hablar no te hace antisocial. Que tengas Tumblr no te hace tumblero


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Famous Chunkies: TMNT Series by Alex Solis / Tumblr

5” X 5” Giclee prints, editions of 50. Available HERE.

Part of the tribute art show “Cowabunga! 30 years of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles”, at Iam8bit / Facebook


replaying the same level in a video game for the hundredth time


vg challenge | 7 videogames [4/7] → Bioshock Infinite

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